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Diseñar sistemas serverless y de composición, e2e, integramente en JavaScript para despliegues en Azure

In this workshop we will discuss how to use a 4 D approach methodology: Design, Development, Deployment and Delivery for projects that implement composability patterns and deploy to serverless services: Azure Static Web Apps, Azure Container Apps and Azure Functions, among others, and implement event-driven architecture patterns, benefiting from services such as the Azure Event Grid. We will be able to explore this composite application, pulling up all the servers in Codespaces, and investigating the implementation of best practices from coding in the development environment with VS Code, to e2e testing with Playwright.

In addition, we will explore the Azure Developer CLI, as an operational tool to automate deterministic and repetitive deployments in various environments.

Reference: Azure-Samples/contoso-real-estate: Enterprise-grade Reference Architecture for JavaScript (

Prerequisites for the practical part:
– Computer
– GitHub account and Codespaces time balance available to lift the project.

Pre-requisites to deploy in Azure
– Active subscription (deployment involves service costs)

Given by Natalia Venditto

11:20 – 12:35

Language: Spanish

Capacity: 25 approx

Introduction to Azure B2C

In this workshop we will see how to work with the CIAM (Customter Identity Access Management) service of Azure B2C and we will configure from start to finish a customized user experience to a brand.

Azure B2C allows the identity management of different customers and social providers or other identity providers interactively from the Azure portal itself, as well as customizations on authentication flows (progressive profile integration), connection with external services, branding, language management, …

In addition, we will end the session with a small demonstration of Azure B2C custom policies, which allow to further extend the possibilities of customization through code and see its full potential.


Given by Victor Rubio and Rubén Gómez

12:40 – 13:45

Language: Spanish

Capacity: 25 approx

Discover your own documents by querying Azure Open AI

In this workshop we want to help you start using this technology that has so much potential. During the workshop you will learn through small challenges how to connect to the Azure OpenAI API, launch a model in the cloud and ask questions through a simple interface. In addition, we will be able to introduce some external information so you can ask questions about it and explore how good is the information returned by LLMs.


Given by Eduardo Matallanas and Manuel Rodrigo Cabello 
15:00 – 17:00
Language: Spanish

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